Cloverdex Bounty and Airdrop


We are excited to announcement the start of the Cloverdex Bounty and Airdrop distribution program. For all those who have participated in the Bounty program and airdrop, please read the disclaimer and the below instructions:

  • Only whitelisted ethereum addresses can claim bounty/airdrop token stakes.
  • Whitelisted addresses and token stake allocations can be viewed here
  • Eth address and Token Allocations cannot be altered and Cloverdex decision is final.
  • If you do not appear in the whitelist, it means you did not satisfy all requirements of the bounty/airdrop as defined in the bitcointalk forum post.
  • The bounty/airdrop will be in a form of a MerkleTree ethereum contract. This sort of airdrop/bounty token system provides greater control for Cloverdex to uniquely restrict participants to whitelisted address and allocate correct tokens to the addresses.


  1. To claim your token allocation you will need visit this site
  2. Make sure you are logged into metamask. If your eth address is whitelisted, the site will show you how much your token stake is.
  3. Click on the claim link.
  4. Send a zero eth transaction (using 1-2 gwei).
  5. Once transaction is confirmed by the network, your eth address will automatically be sent the correct amount of CLDX tokens.
  6. Please note that you can only claim your token allocation once.


Some users have reported that if you create an account with, this has helped in resolving some issues.

In metamask click on the circle top right, Then settings, Then security and privacy,Turn off privacy mode, revisit website and press refresh.

Yandex browser can also be used to claim tokens on mobile platforms.

Clearing browser cache fixes some loading issues.

For all questions please visit us at


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